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Happy Rae Day

Happy Birthday to ME!!!! Or Happy Rae Day!!!! I've referred to my birthday as Rae Day since I was about 15, and I greatly appreciate when people remember that and just say happy Rae Day, but anyways! Today is my birthday, I'm 29 now. I've always loved my birthday I mean it is a day to celebrate ME! I did though fear getting older, old me would have been sad that this is my last year of my 20s. I don't feel that way anymore. Every birthday is one more year cancer didn't get. Cancer took the last 7 months from me but it is not taking any more time away from me. Every birthday I get to celebrate the fact that I survived!

I've had a really great day. I'm sad we can't celebrate with friends and family due to the pandemic, but Ryan, Clara, and the dogs did a good job of making up for those that we couldn't be with. I had radiation of course but even that wasn't so bad. Now I'm listening to Atreyu, drinking wine and writing this. I mean that alone is pretty great.

I will do a post more about radiation (which I'm over halfway through) in the next little bit but today I just want to focus on the positives. I've been feeling really good lately. We have been keep up with exercising which has included running. I have done as far as 5.5 km runs which makes me so happy. I'm so thankful I've been able to exercise and get into a good routine lately. I've been losing weight and noticing the difference in my body which makes all the changes we have made to our lifestyle feel so worth it.

I have also been feeling so much better mentally. I am continuing to see the psychologist and I definitely think it has been helping. Overall, my anxiety is lower and I feel far less stressed. I think having a healthier lifestyle has also contributed to this.

I'm also getting some hair back as you can see in the picture above. My eyebrows are coming in as well as my lashes. I've learnt that any mascara company that markets their mascara as giving you three times the volume is complete crap. If that was true my half length lashes would look as long as they should be. My hair is slowly getting thicker though and I hope in a few weeks it will be all filled in.

Well those are all my updates for now. I hope everyone is staying safe and sane during quarantine! Happy Rae Day to all!!! Feel free to have a glass of wine for me if you wish! Mommy isn't sick but she may be hung over tomorrow.


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