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About Me

Here’s a little bit about my life prior to starting this journey. I’ve been married to my husband Ryan since 2013. We’ve been together since 2011.  In 2019, our world changed in the best way possible when our daughter Clara joined our little family. We also have two dogs, a beagle named Copper (our first born) and a lab named Chase. 


I work in government in HR as an Employee Relations Consultant which just means I deal with trouble employees for the most part. I have a diploma in Human Resources and went on to later do my degree in Human Resources and Labour Relations while I was working full time. 


I have two older sisters and my parents are pretty amazing. Plus I have my husbands family who are always there for us. I have the world's most amazing best friend and so many other wonderful friends that surround me.


If I had to pick a passion it would probably be wine! I love art but I probably don’t focus on that enough.  I watch way too much TV but I love it. Most importantly I love being a mom which was a bit of a challenging journey to get to on its own and I love my family and friends. You are all the reason I am here fighting.

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